Czinger 21C: 3D-printed, 1250hp hybrid hypercar unveiled


A revolutionary new concept in vehicle manufacturing has been unveiled with US startup Czinger taking the wraps off its 21C – a hybrid hypercar that is built from a number of 3D-printed parts and propelled by the world’s most power-dense engine.

Limited to just 80 vehicles, the 21C (named so as it’s said to be built for the 21st century) is a 1250hp vehicle that has an in-house developed powertrain that features a 2.88-liter V8 coupled with advanced axial flux motors producing up to 370 Nm and 150 kW of peak torque. The result is performance of a 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) of 1.9 seconds.

Adding to its performance is the fact the car weighs just 1250kg, giving it a 1:1 power-to-weight ratio. This is thanks to the in-house, revolutionary technology used to custom design and optimize each 21C component to meet its function and form requirements. For example, the front upper control arm is hollow with a three-dimensional internal structure and uses proprietary, high-performance alloys specifically designed for the functionality of the component. As a result, its weight is a fraction of a traditionally tooled variant and it is significantly stronger, thereby reducing un-sprung mass and increasing performance. fact that the car weighs

The 21C features jet-fighter seating, placing the driver in the middle of the vehicle, with a passenger behind to offer greater weight distribution.

While the 21C will be limited in numbers, Czinger is looking at using this proprietary technology to produce a series of exclusive vehicles.

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