Rimac unveils design for new state-of-the-art electric vehicle campus

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Electric hypercar manufacturer Rimac Automobili has unveiled the design for its new state-of-the-art home in Croatia, which includes an on-site test track, accommodation, and museum.

As a strategic partner to the likes of Hyundai-Kia and Porsche, Rimac is now looking to bring together all of its people and functions in one complex, designed by Croatian architectural practice, 3LHD. The new complex will be its international R&D and production base and enable the company to ramp up from prototype and smaller volume projects to high-volume production of its high-performance electric drivetrain and battery systems for many global car companies.


The new site is located only a couple of kilometers from Rimac’s current home and occupies a site of 200,000m² while the built area will be 100,000m². It is expected to be completed by 2023.

CEO and Founder, Mate Rimac, said: “Just 10 years ago this company was only me in a garage, working on electric performance vehicles and components. Since then, we have grown to around 1,000 employees, formed strategic partnerships with Porsche, Hyundai Motor Group and others, and are working with the biggest names in the automotive industry. But, one thing that we have always committed to is developing our business within Croatia; we’re proud to be here and with this new location, it will be our long-term home.

“We have now reached a point where we need to build our long-term home in Croatia, and that’s exactly what the Rimac Campus is. Having outgrown our existing facilities, we’re now creating a space that best reflects our brand and our ambitions, working with world-leading architects to build a campus that sits comfortably within the natural beauty of Croatia while also bringing every aspect of Rimac into one place. The top priority of the project was to create the best possible working environment for our employees and to allow visitors and the public to enjoy the space and mix with Rimac employees. The campus is our springboard to the growth plans we have over the next decade and beyond, strengthening us as a niche hypercar maker, a leading Tier 1 supplier of electric performance technology to the world’s largest automotive manufacturers and an early mover in the worlds of autonomy and mobility.”

The new complex will contain an urban ‘swamp’ and meadows, plus a rooftop garden. It will also feature on-site accommodation rather than opting for a traditional hotel to accommodate both visitors and new employees. The team has signed off on a series of individual ‘pods’ which will blend in with the woodland that surrounds them.

The site will also boast a customization showroom to allow customers to preview and specify their cars to their exact tastes on-site, plus a museum with a bar and merchandise shop. As part of full site tours, visitors will also be able to see cars being carefully pieced together through glass. Given the scope of Rimac’s work for other car companies, provision has also been made for several top-secret project rooms. And, given the huge amounts of data from the business, as well as the ability to monitor its own cars and their development for its customers, there will also be a dedicated Command Centre.

A games room, gym and training center, restaurant and even a kindergarten and farm animals have been incorporated in the plans. In keeping with its sustainability credentials, on-site organic food production has also been factored in, as has plenty of parkland for both employees and the public to enjoy. Multi-functional and adaptable spaces will be created with the site housing an auditorium, conference hall and education rooms.

The site has also been designed in such a way that it can be expanded over time, while still blending in seamlessly with its natural surroundings.

In the long term, the new site will accommodate over 2,500 employees which is double its current headcount. The site has been split into two areas. The first being the HQ building, which will house central functions, management and R&D, as well as Greyp’s offices – the electric bike manufacturer also founded by Mate Rimac.

On the opposite of its fork design will be its production and testing facilities, encompassing design, prototyping and reverse engineering. At the rear will be the entrance to its production plant which will house machining, components and vehicle assembly, battery production, composites production, and paint shop.

The investment in Rimac Campus will exceed 200 million euros. Construction at the new site is scheduled to start later this year, with completion expected in 2023.

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