Candela’s ‘flying’ electric boat takes test ride

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The fully electric hydrofoil from Candela shows what the future of boating could look like as it silently skims across the water in this video.

The advanced foiling technology and computerized control system has been developed by Candelas team of engineers since 2015 and has been tested in several prototypes. Raising above the water, almost like it is flying, enables the boat to reduce friction, which is key to achieving long range in an electric boat. In addition to this, it provides a very stable and smooth ride, even when going over waves.

The video demonstrates Candela’s efficiency and long range. In a silent cruising speed of 20 knots, the Seven draws 0.8 to 0.9kWh per nautical mile from its 40kWh battery pack. By comparison, conventional non-foiling boat of the same size uses 6 kWh per nautical mile.

The wing-shaped foils reduce energy consumption by 80% compared to fossil fuel planing boats and also cut fuel costs by some 95%.

This means it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 99% compared to a gasoline powered boat of the same size.

Serial production of the Seven has already started at its Lidingö factory outside Stockholm.

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