Zapi Group acquires 4E Consulting to support customers’ migration to electric drive systems

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Global electrification leader Zapi Group announced today that it is bolstering its systems capabilities through the key acquisition of 4E Consulting. The acquisition will further Zapi Group’s position as a leading provider offering integrated system solutions to the market. 4E Consulting combines mechanical, electronic, electric, and system management experience and capabilities to provide support to partners worldwide in system integration for hybrid and pure electric solutions. The acquisition will expand Zapi Group’s expertise in integration, testing, and conversion of drivetrains, hydraulic circuits, and ECUs.


“The acquisition of 4E Consulting is a key strategic move for Zapi Group,” said Claes Avasjo, executive director of global sales and marketing. “It is a significant step that gives us the capability to expand the range of solutions and integrated systems we offer to our customers.”


Founded in 2010 and located in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, where many engine-oriented companies are based, 4E Consulting provides system integration for hybrid and pure electric solutions. They combine mechanical, electronic, electrical, and system management competencies to ensure rapid and efficient solutions for its global customer base.


“We are excited to bring our extensive competence, skills and experience to the Zapi Group,” said Paolo Patroncini, CEO of 4E Consulting. “Our history of practical problem-solving, innovating engineering solutions, and offering a custom approach to system integrations aligns with Zapi Group’s mission, complements existing solutions and will further its approach to electrification.”

Zapi Group is engineering the transition to an all-electric future with a highly integrated product portfolio for application in full-electric, hybrid vehicles and system integration. As a global electrification leader with deep systems experience, leading innovations, and an obsession with driving customers’ success, Zapi Group now counts more than 1500 employees worldwide with total annual revenue of more than 600 million US dollars.

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